António Duarte

I was born in 1972 in Portugal, Lisbon, in a district that no longer exists, two years before the Portuguese revolution (On of the most beautiful events in history). The Eurovision Winner that year was Mary Roos from Germany with the song “Nur die Liebe läßt uns leben”.

Even though I didn’t understood the lyrics it stuck to me, as I never had fights in school (That I can remember), and I’m always trying to bring peace around me. Well…

I have  always been a bit erratic. I tend to jump from place to place, house to house, country to country. I do like to travel. Nevertheless I don’t like airports; planes, boats, hotels and I always take my pillow. I like the temperature and humidity differences, the food flavors, the rhythms of the places, the city when people wake up, finding something unique and meet new people, preferably the ones I don’t understand the language and vice versa. So I need to learn a new language, organize my thoughts a different way, and I really love that.

Actually, I really like to learn things: new things, old things, things that don't exist, things that don’t make sense and things that don't matter at all.

Maybe that’s why I’ve also done a lot of things. Some of them I really didn’t like (hated them perhaps?). But some I do love and keep on doing them. And on all the places I’ve worked I’ve always had the luck to meet people that taught me a lot and great thing. Music (Oh, do I love to make music!...), writing poetry and texts to be said in a stage or in a Set, directing actors and setting up a play, sound design, filmmaking, illustration and cycling. I really like surfing but I smoke too much, drink too much coffee, I don’t sleep enough and now I live in Berlin, so I think I can rule this one out. 

My favorite saying is from Senegal and states the following: “Some people know some things, other know other things.”

Ana Ribeiro

Was born in 1980, when Portugal was still a young democracy. I remember watching on television the fall of the Berlin Wall.

When I was a little child I wanted to be a nun and then a commando.

At the age of fourteen I sailed to Morocco, and went into a Professional Theater School,

I wanted to be a sailor but ended up studying to be an actress. Almost the same...

    1997 started to work on television, theater, films, work in a bar, traveled, had love stories, made small revolutions, lost my voice, participated in demonstrations.

    2001 the towers fell, two days later I am going to Marseille. The world changes.

I want to become a journalist, but I was performing the "Three Sisters" By Chekhov.

Wars started, Pope John Paul II died.

    2005 I leave Europe: Russia, Mongolia , China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Morocco.

Back in Lisbon. Continued to work: theater, cinema, my daughter was born.

    2011 the " Deluded Divas" are born.

The Arab Spring happens, the economic crisis happens and divides Europe.

Bin Laden dies and, in Japan, a tsunami kills 30,000 people.

I start to write more, do more shows and drink more coffee. Theater becomes a manifesto. Chronicles of my country and the world.

Music as a weapon.

    2013 The Deluded Divas find a home: Latoaria. An old factory, or, the perpetual artist’s bourgeois fascination for the working class.

In Portugal, the corruption becomes unbearable, people become discouraged and leave the country. The world is still at war. Snowden reveals to the world, which was already well known: Orwell keeps on being contemporary.

Nelson Mandela dies.

    2014. 40 years of democracy in Portugal, the Divas are interviewed for a documentary produced by RAI and RTP, on the 40th anniversary of the Portuguese revolution.

Dreams of April... never lost my voice again.

The world is too big to be just this...

    2015, January. I went to Berlin. Back to Lisbon.

    2015, August i move to Berlin with my daughter and the Deluded Divas.

Pack ...

Starting again ... Another city, another country ... Being in the center being peripheral ... Escape from the island, the corruption ... without ghosts. I take the memories and the people who matter recorded on my skin. "I take me" and present myself to the world.

Life is too short to stay always in the same place.

Like the song: a new language, a new name, a new life...

"When I was young, I wanted to change the world. Now, just want to leave the room with some dignity.”.



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